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Reduce Cost
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with Kobin's Decision Support Tools

KOBIN provides advanced sensing and data analytics technologies for forecasting yield, monitoring stress, and precise management of crops on a per-plant basis.

KOBIN analytics enables framers to make informed and timely decisions to increase yield and prevent crop loss.


Block Insight

  • Block variability

  • Plant inventory

  • Irrigation uniformity

  • Identify leaks, clogs, and pressure issues

  • Block productivity assessment

Plant Insight

  • Early yield forecast

  • Nitrogen demand

  • Canopy profile analytics

  • Water stress

  • Nitrogen stress

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Data-Driven Farm Management

Be proactive in your farming to make sure your crops are performing optimally during each season.

Next Generation Technologies

We conduct advanced data collection, calibration, and analytics to generate insights into plant health and productivity.

Yield Forecast

3D Canopy Profile Analytics

We generate a digital twin for every single tree and perform 3D analytics to assess canopy profile and light interception, and predict potential yield.

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Advanced Spectral Analytics

Spectral imaging enables growers to see the issues before they are visible to the naked eye, such as problems with the soil and water, areas of poor and uneven growth, insect damage, and disease. This information helps growers make informed decisions about their farm management practices before it is too late.

Management zone

We collect aerial data and create 3D models for every single tree to assess canopy profile features such as light interception, height, and volume.

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