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Kobin Analytics is a UC Davis IP-enabled startup company that utilizes innovative sensing and analytics technology to provide data-driven management solutions and scientific decision support tools. At Kobin, we combine advanced sensing technology with artificial intelligence and computer vision to deliver per-plant data analytics that helps growers increase yield, reduce costs, protect crops, and grow sustainably.

We Made
a Promise

We have created a powerful data analytics platform that provides research-grade agricultural data analytics to breeders and researchers to help them breed better crops more quickly and cost-effectively. With Kobin, they can access insights on their seedlines currently being grown in the field, enabling them to make informed decisions about which traits receive priority development investments.

Tomorrow's Agriculture Starts Today

Kobin's enterprise-grade platform integrates custom-built sensing technology with a robust data analytics engine and is being used across various crops for precise field management. Starting with specialty crops, Kobin helps growers reduce the cost of farming, increase yield and profitability, and protect their valuable resources.

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