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Advanced Data Analytics

For Breeders and Researcher

Kobin's High Throughput Phenotyping (HTP) platform provides researchers and breeders with custom-made data analytics and a detailed understanding of the genetic and environmental factors that influence the growth and development of plants. Our HTP service includes:

  • Custom data collection and processing

  • Analyze various types of data, including:

    • Multispectral imagery

    • Hyperspectral imagery

    • Thermal imagery

    • LiDAR

    • Satellite imagery

    • Proximity Spectral data

    • Image processing

  • Assist with writing proposal and manuscript, and report

For Growers

Kobin Analytics provides growers and packing/processing companies with decision support tools that help them optimize crop production by adopting a data-driven management practice.

Our insight service includes:

  • Yield forecasting

  • light interception

  • Nitrogen content

  • Chlorophyll content

  • Water stress

  • Irrigation monitoring

  • Bloom monitoring

For Drone Companies

Kobin partners with drone service providers to supply their customers with data processing and analytics. We design and build the software that powers our core product, the Kobin platform. The Kobin platform analyzes drone data to provide insights into crop performance, breeding progress, and stress conditions. Our solution is built to scale easily, enabling us to support customers worldwide with consistently high-quality data processing in a timely manner.

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